Gifts of Love Album

It Only Takes A Moment/I Promise You A Happy Ending (3:09) Cold Enough To Snow (2:34) Dogs Like Us (3:18)
Shoes (3:16) Maybe, Maybe (3:33) Something Wonderful (3:29)
Lucky To Be Me/Long Before I Met You (3:51) What I'd Had In Mind (2:16) If That Was Love (2:54)
Bring Back My Dreamer (4:26) The Color Red (2:38) Gifts Of Love (3:42)
You're There (2:46)

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An emotional and sensitive rendering of the many aspects of love.

Genre: Easy Listening: Ballads
Release Date: 1996

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Songs You Might Have Missed CD

A collection of fascinating theatre and cabaret songs by both famous and unknown writers that had never been previously recorded; performed with passion, humor and intelligence by theatre veteran Alix Korey.

Genre: Easy Listening: Cabaret
Release Date: 1990




Songs You Might Have Missed Album

Get Back On The Bus (4:16) Midnight Snack (3:29) I Almost Cry (2:51)
He Comes Home Tired (3:28) I Can Sing (2:39) I Shut The Door (2:42)
Ah Men (2:32) If I Were Pretty (3:10) I'm Not My Mother (2:16)
All Fall Down (3:44) Remember Today (3:06) Daughter Of God (4:08)
Stage Door (4:10) My Simple Christmas Wish (3:06)